Hillbrae dogs home

I have noticed the cold recently so we donated more than 30 offcuts to the Hilbrae pets hotel www.hilbrae.co.uk. in Telford for the dogs.

Many of our social media followers will have seen a picture of me there today. But maybe our loyal fans (lol) don’t realise what an event this was for us.

It’s been over a decade since Lee has been there. The last time he was there he brought a dog home and he always said he could not leave this place without bringing a dog back to share his life. A few of our friends may have seen some of Lee’s passionate comments about some of the sad stories regarding the abandonment of the dogs? Myself on the other hand, I was attacked by a customer’s dog in 2011 and some of the fierce barking still encourages a small sewage plant in my trousers lol. It’s not that I don’t like dogs, it’s just a case that they don’t seem to like me lol.

With all our emotions aside we managed to make our donation, leave without taking any of the animals home, soil ourselves (lol) and feel proud to be helping the dogs. 

Hilbrae dogs home