Carpet Styles & Design Flooring have their own youtube TV show called “The Lee & Rye Show” filmed over nine months of 2020. Carpet Styles & Design Flooring often get sent tools / products to test and review. Highly respected, Lee and Rye are always looking to improve the trade. The Lee & Rye show is a documentary style comedy themed reality youtube show.

Episode 6: CALM DOWN (Christmas special)

The Christmas special of the Lee & Rye show “Calm Down” heads to Oulton Park race track with Team Bomber Racing featuring unreleased music from Brian Meacham. Lee & Rye exchange Christmas presents and team up with some of the lads from the Floorskills Training Centre to sing “Do they know it’s Christmas” in a way it’s never been heard before.

Episode 5: PILE DRIVER

In episode 5 “Pile Driver” Lee and Rye team up with Paul Sycamore from Janser and
test the new Piledriver knee kicker. Introducing flooring trivia knowledge becomes a challenge so Lee & Rye discuss the difference between a carpet fitter and a floor layer whilst trying not to crash the van.


Lee and Rye hook up on a job with a Gary Neville look alike at Cre8tive Flooring. Also in episode four “Influencers”Lee kind of talks about his first Roger Oates installation in Flooring trivia knowledge and Rye tries to prove that the trade is quite cool introducing the all new Boring Flooring scene.

Episode 3: FREE BAR.

In Lee’s birthday episode “Free Bar” Lee and Rye record the new theme tune, visit the Knockin Shop, struggle to park the van, show some of their carpet cutting techniques and come to the conclusion that most of the events they end up at all have a free bar.


The second episode of The Lee & Rye show “Behind the Mask” introduces the tool graveyard. Lee and Rye now masked up get back on their knees during the easing of the 2020 lockdown, finally receive a long awaited delivery and discuss the recent flooring artwork done by fellow fitting friends.


In this debut episode “Out of the Stone age” Lee and Ryan introduce each other, discuss tools they have been given over the years, compete over certificates and show some on site video footage of their more eccentric customers. They also perform a song during the 2020 lockdown in the showroom.