A few years ago working for a local independent carpet shop Lee was asked by the customer to do a double sided bullnose, but little did we realise she meant a double sided D shape one. Many D shape steps have been sewn and to be fair it’s a time consuming job. Hand sewing a double sided on leaves no room for error. Six hours into the installation it was looking unachievable, but not wanting to give up and waste hours of work we tried a couple of things and between us we managed to pull it off.


victoria carpet, hand sewn double side D end bullnose, Lee Styles, carpet Styles, carpet Loom Newport, clod 9 underlay

This carpet is made by Victoria carpets and maybe not the ideal carpet to attempt this with. But never the less, we like a challenge and to stand out from the crowd you have to be able to shine above the rest.

Would we do one again? Hell yeah, and I believe the next one will look even better!

The first hand sewn large bullnose?